Type Design Intensive

Principles of Typeface Design (10 weeks)

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Learning the skill of typeface design is not only a great addition to a graphic designers skillset, but also a rewarding way to express yourself through the work you create. A hands-on experience will train your eye to see space, proportion, and weight—enhancing lettering projects, logo design, and custom type.

Join Troy Leinster for a ten-week exploration of the systems and processes of making a text or display typeface. During the course you will be introduced to different contrast models, idea generation techniques, sketching methods, and how to use a font editor to draw and space your font. Upon completing the course you will have a good understanding of the key elements of typeface design and be on your way to completing your first typeface. Bring your own font editor, or we'll provide you with a full one year license to RoboFont.

Your learning process will include:
• Ten weekly 3-hour interactive online group sessions
• Introduction to key concepts, work time, and feedback
• Explorative tasks and working through project reviews
• Weekly one-on-one reviews with Troy

Beginners with a good knowledge of Bézier drawing tools are welcome, as are more experienced designers, and those interested in developing a type portfolio for application to further type design studies. This course is content rich and we recommend you allocate an additional 3 hours of project time per week to gain the most from your experience. Due to the interactive nature of the course, it will be limited to 16 students.

Experience using Bézier drawing tools, ie: Adobe Illustrator.

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