Typemasters: Type Design Coaching

Weekly one-on-one sessions

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Finish that typeface! Seeing your typeface in the wild for the first time is one of the biggest achievements for a typeface designer.

But making a typeface is labour-intensive and can sometimes feel like the process will never end. Like many, you will go through stages of being very motivated and productive, only to hit a snag where you're not sure how or what to do next. Rather than giving up on it, consider type design coaching to help you break down the process into manageable stages, and have that second set of eyes to help the project move smoother and faster.

Best suited for:
• Graduate type design students with a typeface to finish
• Type designers needing a second set of eyes
• Independent Graphic Designers dabbling in type design

Weekly one-on-one coaching provides:
• An assessment of the project
• How to move forward with a structured process
• Exemplars and pdf downloads
• Templated InDesign proofing documents
• 20-minute zoom one-on-one reviews
• Contact via slack

Typemasters is a fee-for-hire service. If you’re a student looking for a one-time crit on your typeface project, find me and many other type designers at Type Crit Crew. A free resource for type design students to meet one-on-one with experienced type designers for a virtual critique.

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